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by CAMP Systems

CAMP Maintenance (MTX) is the industry’s leading Aircraft Maintenance and Compliance Management solution. MTX is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive database of aircraft maintenance requirements, Maintenance Planning Documents, Illustrated Parts Manual, Regulatory Airworthiness Directives and Service Information.

Role: UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Design

Team: Product Owner, Project Manager, Lead Developer

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Style Board

CAMP needed to update an aging interface in order to enguage users and remain competitive in the aircraft maintenance software market. CAMP's Customer Support Team revived negative feedback such as design inconsistencies in the application, a confusing and non-intuitive interface, and a sense of uncertainty with their data.

UI Design

The final design now is:

  • recognizable among CAMP's product family
  • relates to context and the target market
  • fits well with competition (fit in genre) yet express uniqueness
  • easily identifiable context of use
  • clearly express a point in time
  • promotes excitement and exploration
  • promotes authority and control
  • provides a feeling of safety and security

Paul Wentzell
Sandown, NH 03873
Call: 603.702.0428