User Experience Design

Paul Wentzell

Product Designer / User Experience Designer

I am a UX and UI designer, whose passion is to create visually-pleasing and effective ideas that benefit end users, utilizing my creative talents, diverse industry experience and technical skills. Every project is unique and I enjoy different design challenges and the collaboration within multidisciplinary teams. Turning complex problems into simple, and intuitive interfaces that balance user needs and business goals. During my work process, I develop concepts, wireframes, and specifications; and design pixel perfect mockups and prototypes.

Current Projects

CAMP Systems: Aircraft Maintaince App

I create prototypes, test & iterate

I prototype interactive interface solutions with Axure. I also use paper, Photoshop, and Illustrator for static prototypes. I test these designs with users and stakeholders to understand what works, and what needs to change. I repeat the process until the problem is understood and it's time to finalise the design. During this stage of a project, I work as an evangelist for the user translating their needs to engineers, stakeholders and clients to ensure that everyone understands each other needs. In order to work productivly in a team environment we all have to understand each other's goals and trust why we do what we do. Without trust and understanding, my solutions can not be succesfull.

Precise Style Guide Documentation

Style guides are useful because they help connect design with development. Collaboration becomes easier, and prevents confusion and misunderstanding among teams. Documentation also helps standardize the (X)HTML, CSS, or Javascript, designers and developers can see if a new design deviates from established standards. Complex problems become easier to understand and solutions present themselves.

Favorite Work

Pointrol - Rich Media Add Builder

CAMP Systems - Mobile Aircraft Flight Log

BP/Amaco - Touch Screen Gas Pump App

Pointroll - Media Manager

NRG Entertainment - Responsive Website

Imprint Graphics - Responsive Website

eLanes - 3D Ilustration

Personal Project - 3D Illustration

Imprint Graphics - 3D Illustration

eLanes - Promotional Posters

Exit41 - Data Sheets

Cosmic Cubs - Educational Website

Paul Wentzell
Sandown, NH 03873
Call: 603.702.0428